Recent Completed Projects

  • Smucker's Frosting Line - Toledo, Ohio

    Smucker's Frosting Line in Toledo, Ohio

    Client and Engineer: SSOE, Inc.
    Contractors: Mosser Construction, Dunbar Mechanical, IPS

    Once concepts were developed and approved by the owner a master schedule was developed using Primavera P6, to include the detailed engineering, procurement and associated approvals, permitting, facility construction and installation of utilities as well as all process equipment. The schedule also incorporated commissioning and start-up activities. This project spanned 12 months of effort and was updated and reported on a bi-weekly basis. In addition to the master schedule, detailed schedules were developed for the mechanical / process and the electrical/controls contractors with regular updating and reporting respectively. This information was coordinated with the master schedule and used to plan for overtime and weekend work when required by ongoing operations. As part of the commissioning and closeout process I developed and maintained a detailed construction punch list following up daily (on-site) to determine and report progress.

  • Fuel Line upgrades

    Client: Kwest Group
    Engineer: Army Corps of Engineers
    Contractors: Not Selected

    Often a client requests a schedule that is submitted as part of a proposal, demonstrating the clients understanding and plan to accomplish the project objectives. This schedule was a conversion from MS Project to P6 as required by the Owner.

  • PPG - ERU Facility Upgrade

    ERU Facility Upgrade

    Client: PPG
    Engineer: SSOE, Inc.
    Contractors: Mid-Ohio Mechanical

    This Primavera P6 Schedule became an all important tool as construction of significant improvements was undertaken to this facility located in Circleville Ohio in the fall of 2013. This facility similar to an open tower in a refinery (open construction) was drastically affected by the severe winter of 2013/14 and required weekly updating and forecasting of the weather implications. Risk due to weather conditions over a 5 year period was researched and predicted using a calendar to assimilate non work days which provided information to develop alternate methods to complete the work in time and accomplish testing satisfactory to meet EPA requirements. Project completed successfully March 31, 2014.

  • Boiler Upgrades & Conversions

    Client: Glatfelter Paper Co. in Chillicothe Ohio
    Engineer: SSOE, Inc.
    Contractors: Not Selected

    Environmental and efficiency concerns are drivers for improving emission control and conversion of coal fired boilers to natural gas. These conversions are necessarily driven by procurement issues and planned outages as well as corporate financial plans all of which were built into this long range Primavera P6 schedule.

  • Tobacco Processing Plant in Greenfield Site

    Client: Undisclosed
    Engineer: SSOE, Inc.
    Contractors: Not Selected

    Demonstrating to a client the critical equipment purchases, manufacturing and delivery lead times as drivers to the construction of a Greenfield project was absolutely essential to decision making by the Board of Directors. This Primavera P6 schedule included site selection, permitting, conceptual design and detailed engineering, construction, installation of equipment and the commissioning process.

  • Annual PM Outage and Capital Projects Upgrades

    Client: Novartis Pharmaceutical in San Carlos California
    Engineer: SSOE, Inc.
    Contractors: Various Specialty Contractors from the Bay Area

    A Primavera P6 detailed outage schedule for purposes of replacing two boilers, improving and installing new clean room equipment, and performing critical PM work was developed and applied to expedite the work carried out in July of 2013. The development of this schedule required close communication with many departments in order to avoid interference with specialized areas of ongoing laboratory work. It also provided for implementation of strict requirements for returning critical clean room areas into production.

  • Preliminary Engineering Schedule Pump Station, Storage Reservoir

    Client: Swint Consulting
    Engineer: Jones & Henry
    Contractors: Not Selected

    This preliminary resource loaded schedule was accomplished to demonstrate Jones & Henry's approach to the engineering work required for this significant water works project located in Michigan.

  • Production Line Additions and Improvements

    Client: SC Johnson in Bay City, Michigan
    Engineer: SSOE, Inc.
    Contractors: Various specialty contractors by Owner

    This was a shutdown schedule developed in Primavera P6, for undisclosed improvements to production lines in their Bay City, Michigan plant.

  • ProTech - New Steel Annealing Facility in Leipsic Ohio

    ProTech - New Steel Annealing Facility in Leipsic Ohio

    Client: Dunbar Mechanical Engineer: Varied depending on area of the work
    Contractors: Dunbar Mechanical

    Developed and maintained the detailed Primavera P6 construction schedule for installation of $25MM of production equipment, furnace, quenching operation and packaging including piping systems associated therewith. This P6 resource loaded schedule isolated the work required by Millwrights, Ironworkers, Pipefitters and Shop Fabricators, providing the client the ability to visualize the effort required by trades' people under their jurisdiction. It also served as a guide regarding Owner purchased equipment deliveries and the ability to plan the work accordingly.

    This project required the scheduler to be on site regularly to track and update progress, provide internal reporting and to attend overall coordination meetings relative to scheduling issues.

  • Graftec - Texas Operation

    Client and Engineer: SSOE, Inc.
    Contractors: Not Selected

    Developed the engineering, procurement and construction schedule for a proposed expansion to a large coke kiln to be located in Texas. This Primavera P6 schedule was cost loaded to demonstrate various cash flow projections based on different owner suggested strategies and used for presentation to the Board of Directors. Estimated value $50MM.

  • Kellogg’s – Battle Creek, Michigan

    Client: SSOE, Inc. Portage Office
    Engineer: SSOE, Inc.
    Contractors: Internal

    Developed a Primavera schedule for parts and packaging line changes in order to comply with carton modifications as determined by the marketing department and corporate officials. The schedule incorporated 7 different plants including one in Mexico and one in Canada. Further data withheld for confidentiality reasons.

  • Food Process Improvements

    Client: Campbell Soup Co. in Camden, New Jersey
    Engineer: SSOE, Inc.
    Contractors: TBD

    Developed schedule for transitioning several food plants to standardized processes. Further data withheld for proprietary reasons.

  • Plant Conversion

    Client: American Snuff in Memphis, TN
    Engineer: SSOE, Inc.
    Contractors: Varied

    In support of the SSOE CM group a detailed construction schedule was developed and regularly maintained for the team located in Memphis, TN. This schedule was utilized to guide our on-site CM in the coordination of several prime contractors on this 500,000 SF previous Hewlett Packer facility which became their replacement headquarters and production building. It was also used to project earned value figures.

    A detailed cost estimate was also prepared.

  • Huntington Center Toledo, Ohio - Primavera P6 construction schedule

    The Huntington Center

    Client: Toledo Board of County Commissioners

    • Developed and maintained constructionschedule
    • Primavera P6 software
    • Partnered with Lathrop Company
  • St. Julian's Fitness Center

    Developer: Dillin Corp.
    Architect: The Collaborative
    Contractor: Willson Builders

    • Developed original cost estimate from concept drawings
    • Worked with St. Julians and The Collaborative to coordinate the design effort
    • Prepared project schedule
    • Negotiated construction contract with Willson Builders
    • Provided Project Management services and cost controls
  • Campanile Clock Tower at Levis Commons

    Client: Dillin Corp.
    Designer: James Paresi
    Architect: The Collaborative
    Contractor: Rudolph-Libbe

    • Coordinated conceptual design and final design / working documents
    • Assisted with selection of finish materials and clock face
    • Project management / cost controls
  • Preston Place at Levis Commons

    Developer: Dillin Corp.
    Designer: James Paresi
    Architect: The Collaborative
    Contractor: Willson Builders

    • Developed original Cost Estimate from conceptual drawings
    • Coordinated design development & concepts
    • Developed construction schedule
    • Negotiated construction contract with Willson Builders
    • Provided Project Management services and cost controls
  • First Energy - Fremont Energy Center (2008)

    Client: Dunbar Mechanical Inc.
    Engineer = Burns & McDonald

    • Developed and implemented construction schedule for mechanical equipment, large and small bore piping and associated work, utilizing Primavera P3 software
    • Produced weekly updates and progress reports to Dunbar Mechanical
    • Coordinated Dunbar schedule requirements with other prime contractors at the project site
  • First Energy - Fremont Energy Center (2008)

    Client: Lake Erie Electric
    Engineer: Burns & McDonald

    • Reworked existing schedule by creating a WBS specific to the electrical work
    • Working closely with LEE representative to establish recognizable scheduling activities, proper logic and durations
    • Input Lake Erie schedule in coordination with the mechanical and civil work
    • Produced weekly updates and progress reports to Lake Erie Electric
  • First Energy Center Construction Schedule

    First Energy - Fremont Energy Center (2009 - 2010)

    Client: Aker Construction Cononsburg, PA
    Engineer = Burns & McDonald

    • Assumed responsibility for entire construction schedule for all primary contractors
    • Worked with First Energy to refine the schedule into recognizable systems
    • Integrated construction and electrical schedules into master schedule, developed and revised detailed logic-driven schedules and established "First Fire" target dates
    • Refined and added substantial new work to the existing client schedule
    • Provided weekly updates, progress reports and participated in project meetings
  • Call Center Therma-Tru Doors Headquarters Renovation

    Engineer: SSOE Engineering Firm
    Contractor: Willson Builders

    • As Owners Representative, managed the development and renovation work
    • Developed cost estimates, working with SSOE Group to develop drawings and hiring Willson Builders to perform the work
    • Assisted with the selection and purchase of the office systems furniture and coordination of the IT work necessary for the communications
  • Union Carbide Facility Rennovation

    Client: SSOE Group

    • Developed and maintained a Master Project Schedule using Primavera P6
    • Master schedule included Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Project Commissioning activities
    • Estimated cost to convert facility using SSOE conceptual documents, at $50 MM
    • Applied costs to Master Schedule to predict cash flow
  • Michael Owens Way Project

    Michael Owens Way

    Developer: Dillin Corp.
    Contractor: Rudolph-Libbe
    Engineer: DGL Consulting Engineers

    • Established the budget and managed the construction process with the primary contractor and Stateline Landscaping
    • DGL as the engineer of record received a design award for the project
  • Dow Corning

    Chemical Process Facility

    Client: Dow Corning in Midland, MI

    • Development of a cost estimate using their Timberline Estimating program and proprietary database
    • Worked with Middough Engineering to develop a construction schedule for the project
  • Wagner-Schnorf Building

    Wagner-Schnorf Building

    Client: Rudolph-Libbe

    • Developed a construction schedule for renovation of the Wagner-Schnorf building in Lima Ohio
    • Both schedules were developed on Primavera P6
  • Winston Salem Facility

    Partner: SSOE Group

    • Estimated the conceptual cost to renovate an existing facility in Winston Salem as part of an evaluation program being performed by SSOE
    • Documents consisted of conceptual sketches with notes, copies of drawings done in the 1970s, and various photographs with written description of proposed changes $4.25 MM
  • University of Toledo, Core Lab Revisions

    Client: Willson Builders

    • Developed construction schedule
    • Suretrak software
  • Engineering Time Estimate

    Client: Dow Corning

    • Estimated engineering hours potentially required to take preliminary engineering work to completed construction documents
    • Estimated hours broken down into Architectural / Civil, Process / Mechanical, Process / Electrical, Automation / Controls, and Preparation of Bid Packages
  • Ice Hockey Facility

    Client: Turner Construction

    • Developed presentation project schedule
    • Used as a marketing tool for a new ice hockey facility in Notre Dame, Indiana